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    I found this hotel to be very comfortable. The service is extremely courteous and the staff was kind and anxious to please. I wish this organization every success and may they go from strength to strength.
    With all good wishes
    — Maya Ray
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    A beautiful & cheerful place, good food, effective & quick service with most enjoyable atmosphere – the garden & greenery is beautiful.
    I wish you every success.
    — Margret Alva
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    It was wonderful staying in Yatrik Hotel. The service is very efficient and personalized. I being an architect especially admired the fine aesthetic taste displayed in the hotel. I will make sure to stay in Yatrik next time I visit Allahabad
    Thanks & best of luck
    — Manasi Jaisurya
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    I’m really pleased & happy with the services & comforts of this hotel. I wish all the best to the management & the staff.
    With love,
    — Raj Babbar
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    I was impressed by the hospitality of your hotel staff and management. The memories of your hotel, I will cherish lots in my home country. I hope to come back next time on my personal trip to Allahabad. The family atmosphere is something very much an asset of your hotel & I hope your hotel maintains it.
    Thanking you & best wishes
    — Mayani Kate